EMS , Who are we ?

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EMS , Who are we ? Empty EMS , Who are we ?

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:20 pm

We 're a group of people who're trying to search for our daily piece of fun , adrealine , kicks and contacts.

EMS is a new gamers organisation (since 12/2009) that will work with newbie , regular , pro and oldschool players.

Our goal is to be very active in the Clanbase (CB) league (http://europmercsquad.forumotion.com/ems-counter-strike-source-f1/clanbase-league-cb-t3.htm)and Electronic Sports (ESL) league

also we will host a large popular public server with statics so each player can see how their skill is making progress.

We can offer everyone a chance to join our group (newbie,regular,pro & oldschool) and become a member of EMS , altought if you follow our rules

We will have 3 active teams ( Team A , B & C ) playing on both leagues , that way the chance to be a basic player is much bigger .

Our staff will do everything to reach our goal but don't forget you have a glock in your hands to Wink

GL & HF !

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